Podcast Episode 1

Development of the U.S. Mexico border brought colonization, with colonization came soldiers, with soldiers came baseball with baseball came community. Play>>

Podcast Episode 2

As mining dominated border economics, the healing qualities of the high desert also had an impact. Harboring baseball players banned from the major leagues for their involvement in gambling scandals was a perfect fit for the border area business model where vice was always just steps away. Play>>

Podcast Episode 3

As more outlawed players joined the league, egos and temperaments impacted its sustainability.  A dominant player’s career ending injury initiated a set of circumstances which lead to the league’s demise.

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Podcast Team

Podcast Director/Producer:  Catharine E. Jones

Catharine E. Jones (SAG-AFTRA) is an award-winning director, actor, writer and teaching artist. The mission of her production company Enedina Films is to create a space for all aspects of filmmaking that champion fresh perspectives, conscious collaboration and radiant imagination. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Acting and minor in Dance from the University of Northern Colorado. After making her New York theatre debut in Victory Garden’s Off-Broadway historical drama, Conviction, Catharine shifted her career focus to film directing and acting in New Mexico. Stay connected at www.catjonesfilms.com, Instagram and Twitter @enedinafilms.

I am proud to be a part of the team bringing yet another amazing story of New Mexico to life. It’s a pleasure for me and I believe audiences to hear the retellings of the baseball at the border history from Lynn Bevill and the well-crafted story based off of those events by Mary Darling has made with her script.

Van Tate

You can catch Van doing sports Monday through Friday on KRQE News 13 and Fox New Mexico. He also has an online sports discussion called, “The Sports Office”. His guest list includes a variety of people from the world of sports from NFL stars, College players, coaches, and even an occasional movie star. Some of Vans achievements include: National Sportswriter and Sportscaster of the Year New Mexico (11 time winner), Albuquerque the Magazine Best of the City Sports Reporter (5 times winner), Associated Press Best Sports (5 time winner), and NMBA Best Sports (3 time winner). Follow Van at @krqesports on Twitter.

Mary Darling

A native New Mexican and retired educator, Mary Darling studies and writes about baseball history along the border.

She is happy the Historical Society of New Mexico’s Jane C Sanchez grant allows her to share some of the charm of New Mexico with other lovers of America’s Game.  She also wants to note that this program would have never come to fruition without the gentle guidance of historian Susan Berry.

Lynn, I firmly believe my grandfather, both of my great grandfathers and both of my great great grandfathers are saving a box seat for you on the other side.

Lynn spent his working years as a psychiatric social worker, a classroom teacher, a University professor and retired as a librarian. He belongs to the Grand Canyon Conservancy, the Archaeological Conservancy, the National Trust for Historic Preservation as well as numerous local and regional organizations. As a member of the Society of American Baseball Research (Ball Parks, Black Sox, Minor Leagues & Biography) he continues his lifelong interest in America’s game. He enjoys travel, reading, all things historic and prehistoric and he prefers the designated hitter.

I am overjoyed to be involved in Mining Diamonds, first because it allows me to interact with Mary Darling, second it advances two of my very strong interests, baseball and storytelling, third it enables the subject of my long interest in Outlaw Baseball on the Borderlands. What a pleasure!


Brandon Gilliard as
Red Oldham

Akira Braga as Tommy Foy

Gregory Belizare as
Tom Johnson aka “College”

Leonard Madrid as
Indio Bernal

Stephen Armijo as Hal Chase

Josh Heard as
Bill Burns

Joe Griffenberg as
Christy Mathewson
aka “Matty”

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